Our Concerns

"The Christian Rights and Freedom Institute advocates for and defends, "the good and the beautiful", which is ultimately Jesus Christ Himself. We do this by, "Witnessing our Faith by peacefully uplifting Christ", in the face of the current moral and ethical challenges of our day; by advocating for Religious Liberty and Universal Human Rights; and by opposing Christian Persecution and Genocide."

We Stand for

Religious Liberties - Christianity is under attack throughout the free world. Our ability to share the gospel message of freedom from sin and salvation in Christ is being constrained due to erosions in our freedoms of speech, assembly, press, worship, and internet access. We raise our voices in their defense!

Human Rights - Christianity defends equality and personal privacy, regardless of a person's identify (e.g. religion, gender, age, health, nationality, ethnic origin, or economic circumstance).  We identify where Christians' basic Human Rights are being undermined, as evidenced by Christians being classified, symbolized, discriminated against, and dehumanized. We raise our voices in their defense.

We Oppose

Persecution - Persecution is the beginning phase of extermination, and final stage before all out Genocide occurs it is preceded by a systematic effort to organize, polarize and prepare for Genocide. We identify the places where Christian Persecution is occurring throughout the world.  We raise our voices in opposition!  

Genocide - We identify where Christians and the Christian faith are being strategically and systematically exterminated and cleansed from society throughout the world. We raise our voices in opposition!